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Storm Water Services

Regulations regarding storm water have been changing over the past decade.

Multiple State, County, and City regulatory agencies are involved with the overall implementation of storm water quality regulations and Erosion Control Measures. From developing a state required SWPPP (Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan) to implementation of permanent water quality measures, we have the experience to help.

With the complexity of storm water management, the selection, construction, and maintenance of storm water quality elements and project BMPs (Best Management Practices) are crucial to a project.


Our QSD (Qualified SWPPP Developer) services will help prepare the SWPPP during approval and our QSP (Qualified SWPPP Practitioner) services will help implement the SWPPP during construction.


Navigating the short term and long term regulations that apply to storm water management, requires extensive knowledge and experience on the subject. Our experience allows you to navigate these requirements.


  • SWPPP Preparation by QSD (Qualified SWPPP Developer)

  • Water Quality Plan and Report preparation and approval

  • Hydrology Study and approval

  • Erosion Control Plan preparation and approval

During  Construction

  • Implementation of Erosion Control Plan

  • Implementation of temporary BMPs

  • Construction of permanent BMPs

  • Implementation of SWPPP by QSP) (Qualified SWPPP Practitioner)


  • Long term implementation of permanent BMPs by Owners

Commonly asked questions:


What is a SWPPP and NOI?


A SWPPP is storm water pollution prevention plan that is required for all projects over 1 acre. An NOI is a notice of intent that indicates that a project is going to be constructed.


Do I need a SWPPP and NOI?


Every project over an acre requires a SWPPP and an NOI


What is the purpose of a Water Quality Report and do I need one?

Yes-Every project requires some sort of a water quality report. The complexity of the report will vary based on the complexity of the project. A Water Quality Report outlines how each project will meet the regulatory agencies' requirements on storm water control and treatment. Within the report we demonstrate what systems are designed on site to meet these requirements.


What is an Erosion Control Plan?

An Erosion Control Plan is a plan that shows what BMPs are used on site to control sediment (dirt) runoff. BMPs are basic measures implemented on site to ensure that sediment does not leave the site. These measures ensure that construction activities, wind, rain, or other elements do not cause sediment to leave the site.


I got a notice from the State/County/City now what?

Most notices allow the owner or developer to correct the cited items. In most cases the issues could be solved. It is extremely important to get the right people dealing with the issue right away. There are heavy fines associated with non-compliance.


I never had to go through all this before. What has changed?

Regulations are constantly changing on the State level, this has a trickle down effect to the regulations on a local level. Agencies are becoming more strict on ensuring that every project becomes compliant with these regulations.

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