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Due Diligence & Planning


Services that we provide in this phase could vary depending on the project's needs. We help define opportunities and  constraints by:

  • Research of maps 

  • Research of record drawings Research utility availability

  • Conceptual Layout Design



This phase typically involves the preparation and processing of an entitlement package that could include a Tentative Map, Parcel Map, Conditional Use Permit, or Site Plan Permit. During this phase we prepare 

  • Preliminary Site Plans

  • Preliminary Grading and Drainage Plans

  • Preliminary Utility Plans

  • Preliminary Hydrology and Water Quality Reports.

Final Design & Permits

Our main function is to prepare plans and construction documents for each project.

Typical plans we prepare include;


  • Grading Plans

  • Area Drain Plans

  • Storm Drain Plans

  • Public and Private Street Improvement Plans

  • Public and Private Water Plans

  • Public and Private Sewer Plans

  • Underground Fire Water Plans

  • Erosion Control Plans

  • Street Lighting Plans

  • Traffic Control Plans

  • Sewer and Water Analyses

  • Hydrology & Hydraulic Studies

  • Storm Water Quality Reports.

  • SWPPPs

  • NOI Processing 

and other plans and reports that agencies may require.


Each project is unique. The plans and reports required to finalize permits for a project vary by project and by agency. 

We help develop a strategy for the approval of each project and assist out clients in obtaining permits.

Agency Processing and Coordination 


Navigating the various agencies to obtain even the simplest permits could sometimes become overwhelming. We are here to assist our clients understand the process.

There are various layers of approvals at each agency. With our experience , we could help reduce "down time", by helping in the navigation of agency processing.

Services we provide include:

  • Submittal Preparation and Tracking

  • Fees, Bonding, and Cost Estimates

  • Scheduling

Land Development

Land development is the process in which properties are developed into a final product. Whether adding a simple addition to an already existing home, new construction on vacant land, or plans to replace existing improvements, we could help.

Land development is a layered process in which multiple consultants interact together to bring the developer's vision to life. Civil Engineers are an integral part of the development team. 

From due diligence to planning through design, into construction, and even during sales, our goal is to work with our partners and clients to deliver solutions that work. 

We help balance agency requirements with client needs to effectively propose and design cost conscious solutions. We do this by assisting our clients to not only navigate, but to also understand the complex requirements and regulations.

Land Development

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