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Real Estate Services

What sets us aside from most engineering consulting firms is that we are active partners in the development of projects. We partner with developers and investors and assist them in managing the development of projects. We provide assistance in investment, land acquisition, land planning, code analysis, due diligence, entitlements, design, and construction.

Land development is a dynamic process through which value is added to property.

With our partners, we have formed a team of planners, engineers, architects, and experts that put together products that can maximize land use, meet agency requirements, and provide sustainable and modern designs.
Over the years, through experience we have gained as managers, we have developed an understanding and methodology for utilizing the value in land development.

Project Management

If you are interested in developing property and do not know where to start, we can help. 
Our partners and we have over 30 years of experience in the development of land and property.
By understanding the process and being able to coordinate and negotiate with the many entities involved in a project, we become a focal point and source that can manage a project efficiently. By understanding city zoning and planning guidelines and with our background in the development of various types of product, we have the ability to plan and design a project efficiently. 

Development Services

We develop projects keeping the Owner in mind. We value the personal relationships we build. 

There is no greater pleasure than to see what was once only an outline of a thought be built in real life. 
We can help determine the realistic development opportunities and constraints for each project. We have extensive experience designing projects that achieve a balance between community, environment, and developer needs. Our solutions are based on innovative, yet practical methods.

Real Estate Investment


Our partners' approach in real estate investment is beyond purchasing and selling buildings and homes. We invest in actual real estate projects. Profit from these investment projects is generated from the increase in land value when it is developed. 

This process is complex with many elements. If you have any questions, please let us know and we will put you in contact with our investment team.  

In partnership with MCo Development

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